Welcome to Arctic Roofing General Contractors, where we build a better roof. The Arctic Roof. Made to withstand northern climate extremes.

It starts with a full layer of ice and water shield on the entire roof, giving it a protective, self-adhesive, self-healing membrane between the sheathing and the shingles. This gives every nail a little layer of asphalt to seal around it, providing an extra layer of protection where most roofers only use old fashioned tar paper or its synthetic equivalent, neither of which provide the healing effect of an ice and water shield.

We don’t stop there, using six or more nails per shingle to ensure the wind resistance needed, and insisting on better quality shingles and installation standards that exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation. We also use adhesives to allow cold weather shingle installation, so we can work (on good days) all year long. Give us a call today.

Roof Options

Asphalt shingles are not all created equal. Some shingles are created for a budget, others are created for longevity, while others offer unique styles. There are a lot of different shingles to choose from. If you have a particular need, please share that with us and we will help you choose a shingle to best meet that need, and install it for you.


Arctic Roofing General Contractors is primarily a roofing contractor with a focus on asphalt shingle roof replacement on residential and light commercial buildings. We also offer screw down and standing seam metal roofs and roof repairs as time allows, and we have the ability to subcontract a variety of trades to coordinate complex projects.

Arctic Roofing General Contractors

We do roofing right! It starts with a dedication to long term quality roofs. That takes special care in the preparation of your roof, as well as the highest quality materials applied by certified installers according to best practices to obtain the highest possible quality at a fair price.


Please reach out to Norm Dickinson with any questions. Norm is the sole proprietor of Arctic Roofing General Contractors, and no other individuals have any authority to negotiate or receive payment on behalf of Arctic Roofing General Contractors. Please contact Norm at once with all matters.